original c. 1890's antique american richly colored dark cobalt blue deeply embossed lattice motif druggists' poison bottle with original distinctive studded stopper

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Product Description

all original and well-maintained 19th century "attic" (i.e., not dug) dark cobalt blue glass poison bottle designed and fabricated by whitall tatum & co., philadelphia, pa. the druggists' bottle contains distinctive allover embossed lattice and diamond motif. the early 1890's bottle retains the original unique stopper, consisting of a sharp diamond-shaped or studded points with the word "poison" found on all sides. the bottle lip, short neck and body remain in great overall condition. the mid 1800's brought poisonous substances onto the market to control plants and vermin, and as surface cleaners. to prevent mishaps, poison bottles were given distinctive features, in addition to specific colors, raised inlays of the words 'poison' or 'death' and/or patterns like latticework, deep grooves, geometric shapes, or skull and crossbones, so as to stand apart by both touch and sight. by the 1850s conspicuous labels were also required for all poisonous substances. this particular bottle (kc-1) was a generic bottle which glass makers sold primarily to local druggists to affix their own paper labels to. whitall, tatum & co. glassworks, traces its roots to 1806 and created this bottle in the mid 1870’s. the design for the bottle was apparently never patented, but in 1884 charles tatum patented the design for a special stopper, the top of which was studded on all five faces with pyramidal projections. the same bottle was also manufactured by the hagerty brothers & co., established in brooklyn, ny in 1862 and in business until 1900. measures 7 7/8 inches.