original early 1860's skillfully crafted emerald green hand-blown "pine tree tar cordial" dug bottle with pontil scar and slanted neck containing vertical straw marks ans seeds

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Product Description

remarkable pre-civil war era early 1860's brilliant emerald green hand-blown "pine tree tar cordial" dug bottle fabricated by the lancaster glass works, pa. the antique american bottle with applied top and/or tapered collar contains remarkable craftsmanship and age characteristics throughout. the bottle features a nice pontil scar, slightly slanted neck, seeds or bubbles in the glass, an iridized surface and several other imperfections reflecting age and fabrication methodologies of the time. the nicely embossed tree and lettering remains clear and crisp. pine tree tar cordial was advertised as a remedy for the cure of "throat and lung diseases." the concoction was compounded by chemist l.q.c. wishart, who introduced the cordial in 1859. at the time dr. wishart was located at 10 south second st. in philadelphia, penn. in 1861 he introduced dr. wishart's great america dyspepsia pills and in 1865 dr. wishart's worm sugar drops. it is thought that bottles with the word "trademark" embossed on the front appeared after 1873. this particular example contains only the word "patent" with the date 1859 below the tree.