single rare antique american all original wall-mount porcelain enameled metal thermometer advertisement for "doan's pills" remedy for kidney ailments


UR #:: UR-24101-16

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Product Description

vintage early twentieth century white porcelain enameled metal signage with faded black text and indented slot where a glass thermometer used to be attached. the top portion of the thermometer shows a gentlemen, presumably a doctor or pharmacist, holding and pointing to a pill package. on a pharmacological basis, this particular "remedy" in no way contains any of the active ingredients used in doan's backache otc medicine used today. the doan's kidney pills of the early 20th century contained oil of jupiter and potassium nitrate (the latter mainly used in explosives and fertilizers), whereas the modern doan's backache medicine is essentially magnesium salicylate, which is a mild analgesic and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug. nonetheless, the exterior drugstore antique pharmacy sign is quite nice, both as a collectible and classic representation of quackery medicine. some wear to enamel visible at edges. measures 24 x 6 1/2 inches.