fully functional diminutive early 20th century factory office "emeralite jr." articulating desk lamp with striking emerald green cased glass shade


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Product Description

early 20th century american industrial "emeralite jr." portable electric lamp retaining the original bell-shaped striped cased glass shade. the diminutive articulating desk lamp was salvaged from a chicago factory office. the weighted base or core is comprised of cast iron and concealed with an ornamental spun brass shell with nicely aged patina. the lamp was patented with an angled steel clamping mechanism used for detachably securing the lamp to the arm of a chair, bed-post, or other support. the perforated shade-holder or cap, which permits of the shade being readily tilted or adjusted as desired, also serves as a ventilating and/or heat cap. the original webster pull-chain socket with ball finial has been rewired with period appropriate cloth lamp cord. the cap and base are adorned with a repeating bead-&-reel or astragal pattern. the adjustable ball joint retains the original wingnut and screw used to lock the respective arm against pivotal movement. the name plaque mounted along the base reads "emeralite jr." against a baked green enameled background. the green cased glass striped shade remains in excellent condition. fabricated around 1910-15 by the h.g. mcfaddin & co., new york.