low-lying early 20th century repurposed factory office salvaged adding machine brushed iron stand with new added solid walnut and mahogany wood tabletop

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Product Description

repurposed early 20th century american antique industrial reinforced cast iron salvaged factory office adding machine stand fabricated around 1910-20 by the burroughs corp., todo co. div., rochester, ny. the four-legged base features outswept feet with unique integrated rollers or stationary metal caster wheels. the double-sided x-shaped cross-bracing bolted tightly against the frame. a newly added tabletop consisting of mahogany with walnut edging sits firmly between the four "pads" that originally supported the bulky adding machine. the cast iron components have been thoroughly brushed and sealed with a clear coat lacquer. the burroughs corporation was a major american manufacturer of business equipment. the company was founded in 1886 as the american arithmometer company and was assimilated in the 1986 merger that resulted in the creation of unisys. the company's history paralleled many of the major developments in computing. at its start it produced mechanical adding machines, and later moved into programmable ledgers and then computers. and while it was one of the largest producers of mainframe computers in the world, burroughs also produced related equipment as well, including typewriters and printers. measures 26 1/2 x 29 x 23 1/2 inches.