well-maintained early 20th century antique american salvaged chicago victorian era interior residential oxidized copper plated stamped ornamental steel fireplace summer cover with stovepipe opening

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Product Description

early 20th century late american victorian era interior residential fireplace summer cover comprised of stamped steel with original oxidized copper finish largely intact. the deeply embossed cover retains the original and intact swinging stove pipe vent cover featuring a sunburst pattern. the bottom section of the cover features a man pushing a woman seated on a swing supported by flanking trees. a small cartouche above the protruding hood is flanked by two opposed cherubs found in the top left and right corners. the summer cover was likely fabricated by the peerless mfg. co., louisville, ky. measures 24 x 30 1/2 inches. measures 24 1/2 x 30 1/2 inches.