remarkable and historically important all original documented great chicago fire of 1871 "souvenir" or artifact in the form of melted metal screws salvaged from the "burnt district"

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Product Description

museum quality original and documented 19th century american pile of melted threaded flat head steel screws salvaged from the "burnt district" shortly after the great chicago fire of 1871 was brought under control. it was well known that several young opportunists were capitalizing on the tragedy by selling "souvenirs" found in and around the "burnt district." the pile of screws were likely fabricated by russell and erwin or some other period hardware manufacturer with local branch offices and/or agents in cities throughout the country (russell & erwin factories were located in new britain, ct.). the blackened screws are clearly deformed and melted together from the intense heat produced by the massive fire. the great chicago fire artifact contains a tag with hand-written feathered pen notes. the screws were "picked up by s.h. gay in the burnt-district." truly a remarkable and historically important chicago artifact.