single c. 1936 original george grant elmslie-designed exterior slip glazed oliver p. morton school terra cotta panel


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Product Description

exceptional c. 1936 american upper course band slip glaze exterior terra cotta panel salvaged from the oliver p. morton school. the chicago-based architect george grant elmslie, a disciple of frank lloyd wright and louis h. sullivan and a master of prairie-style architecture, designed the building's terra cotta ornament alongside principal architect william hutton. the richly ornate terra cotta with a striking interplay between intricate organic leafage and geometric designs and/or shapes is comprised of natural clay with a original slip glaze finish. the panel was fabricated by the midland terra cotta company with fritz albert as clay modeler. the oliver p. morton school was located at 7040 marshall avenue in the hessville area of hammond, indiana. it was constructed in 1936-37 with partial funding from the depression era public works administration and based upon a design by architects george grant elmslie and william s. hutton. the school replaced the original morton school, which was built at the same marshall avenue location in 1912 by the community of hessville before it was annexed by the city of hammond. the school opened in the fall of 1937 and was later demolished in 1991. the rear cavities (i.e., dead weight) have been carefully removed, making it "wall-friendly" and/or easier to display. measures approximately 13 1/2 x 2 x 13 1/2 inches.