unusual late 19th century antique american bluish green majolica glazed residential fireplace tile with foliated scrollwork

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Product Description

original and intact antique american victorian era bluish green majolica glazed interior residential ceramic fireplace tile fabricated by the trent tile co., trenton, nj. the unique american portrait tile features a female bust with fanciful foliated scrollwork enveloping her head of hair. the glazed ceramic tile features allover crazing consistent with age. little, if any, residual mortar remains on the backside of the tile. the design is attributed to issac broome. the trent tile co. first began operations in 1882 as the harris manufacturing company. by 1883 the name was changed to trent tile company. in 1883, isaac broome, a designer and modeler, came to trent to work. he was highly qualified, boasting 8 years of experience at the ott and brewer pottery. he left the company in 1886, but trent was able to keep producing new broome designs after he left, because of the amount he designed while he was employed there. after broome left, william wood gallimore, an artist and modeler, took his position. in 1912, the factory had financial troubles, and was bought by thomas h. thropp in 1916. under his ownership, trent produced 8 million square feet of tile each year. when thropp died in 1931, his son, h.w. thropp took over. r.p herrold purchased trent in 1936 with a loan from the government. in 1939, the factory was once again in trouble, and it closed down. in 1940, it was bought by wenczel tile company. tiles from trent were used on fireplaces, mantels, counter fronts, wainscoting, soda fountains, doorways, and as independent art panels. trent tiles were available in 118 colors, and countless designs.