demolition of buick sales building (1921) nearing completion

demolition of the former "mega mall" is nearly complete, with only a single story of the buick sales building (1921) still standing. the figural terra cotta ornament adorning the two entrances will be extracted in the next few days.

the former two-story buick automobile showroom (buick sales building) was designed by notable chicago architect clarence hatzfeld, and built in 1921 by charles lange, costing approximately 250,000 dollars when completed. with the exception of the two entrances, nearly all of the mottled tan colored terra cotta (fabricated by the american terra cotta company) was plucked off and discarded when the building coalesced into "mega mall" complex. 

detail of the surviving mottled finish terra cotta ornament adorning the dealership's original entrances.

with the exception of the ornamental terra cotta surrounds, very little remains from the time it was used as an automotive dealership. the original vehicle lift - used to shuttle cars in and out of the showroom still stands, along with the tiled floor. the original decorative neoclassical style plaster ceiling (decorators' supply company) had fallen to the ground before we arrived to salvage ornament from the chevrolet dealership (located on the north end of the mega mall).

with the loss of the chevrolet and buick dealerships, only a handful of buildings (e.g., former ford dealership across the street) are left standing to carry on the legacy of logan square's "roaring twenties" motor row district.


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