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Antique American Architectural Artifacts

For over 10 years Urban Remains has dealt exclusively in the reclamation of American architectural artifacts, antiques, and other oddities found among industrial buildings, and commercial or residential structures. The website displays well over 25,000 recovered artifacts, dating from the mid-19th century to the late 1960's. We do not deal in any new or reproduction materials, and the majority of pieces are directly salvaged at demolition sites within Chicago. New items are added to the website daily, reflecting everything that is available to the public in our West Town warehouse.

As a virtual resource, the Urban Remains website overlaps with the Bldg. 51 archive in showcasing artifacts that are part of Eric Nordstrom's personal collection (located in Streeterville). The Bldg. 51 Museum is comprised of historically important elements from notable Chicago buildings. Categorical emphasis is on theaters or movie palaces, as well as artifacts from Frank Lloyd Wright and Louis Sullivan-designed buildings. More recently bldg. 51 has expanded to include non-Chicago artifacts, encompassing a wider breadth of urban industrial history. Visit the Bldg. 51 website to view these "Reference Only" artifacts and access an archive of information on mid-19th century construction methods.

Owner, Eric Nordstrom on Urban Remains

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