photographic survey of harvard's memorial hall exterior architectural ornament

harvard's memorial hall is an excellent example of 1870s high victorian gothic style, characterized by towers and turrets, corbelled and patterned brickwork, gargoyles, patterned shingles, mansard roofs, polychrome color schemes, and carved or pressed brick ornament. 

the building - considered to be one of the most dramatic examples of high victorian gothic architecture in the country - was built to honor the sacrifices made by harvard men defending the union during the civil war. 

it was designed by architects william robert ware and henry van brunt. construction began in 1870 (cornerstone laid october 6th) and was completed in 1877.
the tower (altered in 1897 with addition of four giant clock faces) was destroyed by fire in 1956, but was later rebuilt to its 1877 appearance in 1996. 

due to time constraints, i didn't get a chance to document the interior (i.e., sanders theater and alumni hall).

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